Meet our newest members, Stiliyanna, Martin and Filip

Some weeks ago we got a Facebook message from Martin Ponev, with questions about how to become a club member. Meet our newest members who are relocating from Bulgaria to Sweden.

Could you tell us a little bit about yourselves?

Martin: I am 25 and I work as software engineer in AFRY Gothenburg.
Since the age of 14 I have been focused mainly on orienteering, but have also competed in ski and MTB orienteering as well as cross-country skiing and mountain running.

Stiliyanna: I am physiotherapist focused on working with children with scoliosis and other postural conditions. Now I’m just studying Swedish, because I have to legalize my diploma. My orienteering background is not like Martin’s. I started when I was 21 and have only competed (no trainings with map).

Why did you choose to run for Frölunda OL?

Martin: I already have a family and we wanted to be part of more family oriented club, which Frölunda OL is. What grabbed us even more was the beautiful web page and social media presence of the club. There is a lot of useful information about learning orienteering also and the club house is located at very nice area.

Stiliyanna: We definitely choose you because of the good website. We can read everything there without having to ask. Also it’s closest to us and easy to come by bikes.

What are your orienteering expectations for 2020-2021?

Martin: I am mainly looking forward to improve my technique and gain more confidence running in nordic terrain. I will also try to take part in more competitions/trainings.

Stiliyanna: My expectations are to learn myself more in a technical way, to read the map better. I am pretty bad at this.

What are the biggest differences between running orienteering in Bulgaria and Sweden?

Martin: First of all I would say that the terrain here is very different. The ground itself is very soft and hard to run and combined with the marshes it becomes very tough. In Bulgaria we have very hilly and steep terrains, but the ground is much harder and we do not have so much wet areas. The other thing is that maps here are more summarized. The terrain is very detailed in reality and map makers really draw only what is necessary. Compass is of even more importance here.

Stiliyanna: Ok, let’s say that is more blue on the map. Last Saturday was my first running in a marsh and i was falling and laughing and falling and laughing. Also it’s more generalized – not all of the objects are shown on the map. If i see a trail or big stone in the forest I expect that it must be on the map, but here it’s not always shown.

We welcome Martin, Stiliyanna and Filip to our club and are sure the will contribute to our 25manna and Tiomila teams. Martin has competed for the Bulgarian junior national team.